Welcome to the new WordPerfect for Medical Transcription Forum

by Jean Ichbiah 09/05/2002, 10:18:28 Reply   Forum

I am pleased to announce this new forum on "WordPerfect for Medical Transcription."

This forum is a free service and it is for MTs to help each other with the use of WordPerfect. You need to register (free) to post messages but reading does not require any login. (You may include your email address but don't have to.)

One motivation in creating this forum is to respond to the need for a free message board for help on WordPerfect for Windows. I am also pleased to announce that three WordPerfect users have accepted to jointly monitor this forum: Pam McCarville, Judy Gardiner, and Jon Knowles. They see themselves as three among equals and their intention is to use a "light" style: Posting answers when they think they can help while giving you a chance to answer each other's questions most of the time.

Another motivation is to provide quick links to the sites that WordPerfect users are most likely to visit. Do not hesitate to suggest other links. We'll try to keep the link table as useful as possible and small enough to see the top messages without scrolling.

Many thanks to Pam, Judy, and Jon.

Jean Ichbiah
Textware Solutions

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