Problem using Fitaly with SIP switchers

Posted by mvuille , 08/25/2009, 12:00:50 Reply   Forum

I can reproduce this problem with three applications that perform the SIP switching function:

- HtcExtFun
- nueSIPStylus

The purpose of these is to switch SIP dynamically depending on the state of the mobile (HTC Touch Pro). PQzII switches based on whether the orientation is portrait or landscape, the other two depending on whether the stylus is in or out (the HTC Touch Pro has a stylus presence sensor).

When the cursor enters a text field, the SIP will be displayed automatically to enable entering of text. I don't know how the application, the SIP, and the O/S work together to make that happen. But this is not what I am talking about.

The above applications call some O/S API to change the SIP selection. They do not activate the SIP (i.e., make it show on the display). But if I go into Settings/Input I can see that the SIP selection changes when I change the orientation or remove/replace the stylus. And, if the SIP icon is displayed at the time, the icon changes to that of the newly-selected SIP.

Not so with Fitaly. As soon as the application updates the SIP selection in the O/S settings, Fitaly displays itself. The fact that no other built-in SIP does this is what makes me think this is a Fitaly issue and not an issue with O/S or with these applications.

This happens even if the current screen doesn't even support the SIP, such as the Today screen. There is no SIP icon at the bottom of the Today screen, and it is not SIP-aware (the form doesn't resize depending on whether SIP is displayed or not.) But if I pull out the stylus on the Today screen, Fitaly pops-up. There is still no SIP icon displayed, but if I tap where the SIP icon would be on a normal screen, Fitaly hides itself.


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