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Re: want to know how to trigger a single tap to enter into an excell cell -- Victor
Posted by Marianne , 03/03/2009, 01:17:37 Reply Top of Thread Forum


I have cells in that have say xxxxx in the cell. I want to add y at the beginning so that it ends up yxxxxx. I do not want to erase the cells. Just add a Y to the beginning. I need to know how to enter the cell y to put the y in the beginning of a text argument.

I am not an expert in Excel. To do what you are describing, here is what I am finding. The cell content appears in the Formula Bar and you have to tap there at the right place to insert the additional letter. It seems to be easier to tap at the end and use an east slide on the double arrow left (Home). Then you can add a letter at the beginning.

I am not sure how to get to the Formula Bar otherwise than tapping. Is there a shortcut key? If there were it would be nice to have a macro for it -:)

Does this answer your question?


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