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Thank you for telling all of the Fitaly users about the Pocketpcmag article. I just posted my review and hope other Fitaly users will do the same.

As a user of Fitaly for five years, I know it is the most important software I own for my Pocket PC. I recommend Fitaly to anybody who asks me about the usefulness of a Pocket PC. The qwerty keyboard is pointless on a mobile platform. Yet, companies foolishly force users to still use the qwerty system on all mobile phones and pc's. Fitaly's layout has two space bars, clearly defined keys, and the letters arranged in an intelligent manner. For instance, the L and Y key are next to one another, the C and H are next to each other, the K and Y are next to each other, and all the other letters are placed closest to the logical keys in the Engish language. A user has the ability to create slides for capital letters, punctuation, macros, unicode, dates, times, and other creative ideas in the NW, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, and W directions.

I have programmed my keyboard to press OK on a program when I slide up on the Enter key. If I press T to the right, Fitaly will write the time and date on my Excel cell. CTRL B, C, V, X, Z, U, I, and N all work on the keyboard with any slide a user selects. I can open Pocket Word by a slide, switch to Pocket Bible with a slide, and all kinds of other useful functions. Fitaly allows users to create a glossary full of phrases, names, and other text by typing two letters and selecting the option. In some committes I am on, I write a few letters and select a word which writes all of the members present. I hope Fitaly continues to expand some of its macro capabilities. After using Fitaly, most users will save a lot of time when taking notes, formatting, and writing words and phrases. Hopefully, Fitaly does become the standard keyboard to include on all mobile platforms.

James Garritson
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