I wanted to learn more about the Function Keys F1-F12

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I really like the new abilities that Fitaly 5 has over past editions. The only problem I notice on my Toshiba e405 is the keyboard is not as clear as the 3.0 version. It is clear enough, but not refined like the old keyboard. I am impressed with the ability to slide for bold, copy, select all, italics, new, etc. That really is a feature I am training myself to use.

I still do not understand what the F1-F12 keys do on the Pocket PC. Is there a way to program the function keys? I know Windows XP often gives functions to these keys on certain keyboards, but I really don't use the keys too much. How can I use the F keys on the Pocket PC? I looked for more information on the site, but could only find basic information. The F6 command was very useful because I now can slide up on my ENTER key to search or save a file. If someone can tell me how to do useful things with these slides, I would appreciate it. I use PocketWord and Excel a lot--so any slide that saves time is important to learn.

The post about changing font colors is impressive. Is this easy to program as a slide? I like to use Navy Blue and Red when I type notes a lot and this idea would save time. I also want to know if there is an easy way to make a slide for the following functions:

Center, left, and right justification
Undo (Control Z works, but if one uses an automatic word or phrase, it only removes one letter at a time)
Spell Check
Automatically change cell colors in Excel
Automatically make text navy blue and bold

The macro functions in Fitaly are really great. The time and date slides save me a lot of time when I use PocketExcel. Thank you Fitaly and I hope some of my questions can be answered.

Thank you,


James Garritson

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