Release Candidate 1 of Fitaly 4 for Windows Mobile 5

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 04/28/2006, 21:29:00 Reply   Forum

Overview of Fitaly 4:

We are pleased to announce the Release Candidate 1 of Fitaly 4.

The most significant change since beta 2 is that the slides font is now fully configurable.

Those who use the MS Arial Unicode font that is impressively complete in its unicode coverage will be able to define and see exotic slide definitions in the slide editor and in the slide preview window that were displayed with character boxes until now. The font can be set via the "i" key information menu "Preview font ...".

The unicode picker dialog that can be accessed from the Fitaly Slide Editor Specials menu when adding or editing a slide definition has been improved in that it now uses the slide preview font and enables to pick several characters to build a string. It is for example possible to pick a sequence of Japanese characters.

The macro language has been enriched with some new macros:
macros for orientation changes enable to change the orientation by sliding:

  • portrait
  • portrait upside down

  • landscape right handed

  • landscape left handed

Macros for text case modifications
  • capitalize

  • lowercase

  • uppercase

The launch macro enables the activation of any program or document (word document,
excel sheet, picture, music ...) with a single slide.

To download the Fitaly 4 RC1, follow this link . Store the Fitaly Installer in the Fitaly folder or on some temporary folder. If you already have a previous Fitaly version installed, make sure to select the qwerty input method as default input method and to perform a soft reset before running the installer.

We hope to read your reactions on this forum. This is a public release. It can be used freely for 10 days, uninstalled and reinstalled for another 10 days. So, feel free to let others know about. We consider it to be very safe and correct.

Emmanuel and Jean Ichbiah

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