Fitaly 3.5 VGA for Win Mobile 2003 SE -- Release Candidate 1

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 12/06/2004, 15:57:04 Reply   Forum

We are pleased to announce the release candidate of Fitaly 3.5 for Win Mobile 2003 SE in VGA mode. As you can see below, it takes full advantage of the VGA resolution and of color to make the distinction between panels very explicit:

Fitaly 3.5 rc1 supports the full functionality of Fitaly, including the glossaries and shortcut expansion. As you will see, the menus to open glossaries and save them are now displayed in the bottom bar, following the Win Mobile 2003 SE standard.

This release candidate corrects problems of earlier beta releases. Gone is the problem of the fast right arrow. Gone also are the problems experienced in earlier versions with the "half-fitaly" when using Standard VGA. (The problem can still happen after a reset in the so called Real VGA mode when Fitaly is the default input method, but reselecting Fitaly corrects it.)

This version also achieves a substantial reduction in size by using a new approach for loading bitmaps. The new executable is only 59 KB even smaller than Fitaly 3. The bitmaps are now loaded on demand and take approximately 10 KB at any time. This size reduction should be appreciated in devices where driver size is a problem.

Another advantage of the new approach is that it will make it easier for third parties to develop alternate skins for Fitaly: All 52 bitmaps used by Fitaly are in a new Fitaly\Image folder where they can easily be replaced.

A few words on installation:

  • To install, just run the pocketfitalyvga350rc1.exe installer.
  • To reinstall over a previous version of Fitaly, do as usual: (1) Select another method as the default input method, (2) do a soft reset, (3) uninstall the prior version with Remove Programs, (4) run the pocketfitalyvga350rc1.exe installer.
  • Do not try to run this installer on devices that have an earlier version of the Pocket PC OS or that are not in VGA. If you do, the installation will proceed normally but you will not be able to select Fitaly (and will eventually have to uninstall it and reinstall the older version).

What else is coming? We still have to resolve the misleading message referring to an older version of the OS during installation (a cosmetic issue). In the coming days we will also release a similar version for quarter VGA devices as shown below.

Once this is available, we'll package the two versions in a unique installer.

Jean and Emmanuel Ichbiah

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