Same Problem with Adjust Position

Re: Digitizer error prevents Fitaly "Adjust position" -- herbk
Posted by tj2010 , 12/06/2009, 16:15:40 Reply Top Forum

My Tungsten E2 and Fitaly Stamp3 were working until I had some digitizer issues with the T-E2. I pushed on the screen with a credit card and the Tungsten E2 built-in digitizer seems to be working fine, but now I cannot access the "Adjust Position" menu or the bottom row of letters on the Fitaly Stamp.

I've disabled, uninstalled, reset, reinstalled, enabled Fitaly Stamp multiple times.

I've used the Test Options choice under Fitaly Setup to reset the X,Y coordinates, and all the other choices there.

Nothing helps.

Is there another way to access the Adjust Position menu choice? If I knew the name of the routine that's called by the tap on the screen, then perhaps I could assign that routine to a button and access it that way.



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