Anybody with a Palm T|X and Fitaly?

Posted by lindahensens , 05/19/2009, 17:05:59 Reply   Forum

I just purchased a used Palm T|X and I am really interested in getting the Fitaly program for it. I am a registered user of the IT Pro software, so I can understand the need for this software on my Palm. I am also a new user to Palms in general, and I can already tell that I am SO going to HATE having to use this little stylus to input any sort of text into my Palm.

I see a lot of different versions of Fitaly, and I would like input on which one I need to get for my Palm, and if someone could direct me to the ordering page for that specific program, I would be very grateful. My head swims at the possibilities out there, and I am also concerned that one of the forums for Fitaly said that Textware no longer makes Fitaly for the Palm, so I don't want to waste my money if I won't be able to use the program if I buy it.

My money is quite limited, and I want to get the most useful Palm apps first, and then build on them as I can. Please provide any assistance if you will. Thanks so much!

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