Re: Digitizer Error prevents Fitaly "Adjust position"

Re: Go to Fitaly Setup -- Marianne
Posted by Neil Slater , 01/15/2008, 00:47:39 Reply Top Forum

Fitaly Setup? Did I miss something? Hold on a moment...

Okay, I'm back. And, er, I've found Fitaly Setup. I originally got the keyboard installed so fast that I didn't look at the rest of the folder, and missed installing the setup file.

And - oh, my good heavens and joyful blasphemy! Fitaly does all THAT?!?!? I can redefine keys, adjust slides, and call other programs from within fitaly? This is as great as Shadow Plan!

I am Sooooo sold!

Thanks, Marianne. Never mind the digitizer not working quite right; I can live with that, but not without Fitaly. You'll be getting my registration money this week.

Thank you many times over, dear lady,

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