Hagenuk S200

Re: Fitaly on the Hagenuk S200 (Xplore M68) -- vwestph
Posted by Marianne , 01/11/2008, 10:22:41 Reply Top Forum

Did you see the post at link below?

"Hagenuk/ITM sold the Palm OS powered XPlore M68 in Germany under its own name as Hagenuk S200(handhirn info here). However, according to the german news service Nexave, this venture has already ended.

The S200 is considered EOL by Hagenuk, this means as much as end of life. Hagenuk already shipped out all models of the Palm OS phone that they had, and do not plan to produce any more of them. Remainders may still be available in stores though! ..."

Related link: Hagenuk S200 EOL

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