Re: Digitizer Error prevents Fitaly "Adjust positiion"

Re: Digitizer error prevents Fitaly "Adjust position" -- herbk
Posted by Neil Slater , 01/10/2008, 21:49:18 Reply Top Forum


I found Fitaly a few weeks ago and quite like it, but I'm also finding that the digitizer doesn't want me to press in the center of the target. Anywhere in the lower half is fine, as long as it's below the little crosshairs... :(

For me. the problem is more noticeable with Shadow Plan. I can adjust Fitaly's position, however.

My problem with Fitaly is the "i" key: I can bring up the screen to get the various menus, and the top four choices work - About and help screens, Adjust position and brightness; but the Key and sliding options, Application Bar and Custom slides choices don't work.

Am I the only one noticing that?

If I can get those screens working, I'll happily pay for Fitaly (I've 4 remaining days on the first trial of the demo - I'm that new).

Cheers, and happy new year,
Neil Slater
Regina, Canada

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