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Posted by caps , 02/26/2007, 12:27:01 Reply Top Forum

I bought my new TX at the same time that I found it might be my last chance to use fitaly with up-to-date hardware. At first I had difficulties with the installation (because I'm instructionally-challenged) and so learned Graffiti for the first time. I was surprised at how it had progressed over the years, but it was way slow, even after practice. (Oh, for my Newton's handwriting recognition!)

So I tried the fitaly installation once more and it went fine. I'm productive once more. I just discovered this forum today while downloading a trial of Instant Text. I haven't read it all, but I wonder if anyone has floated the idea that textware might release the Palm code into the freeware world for other developers to maintain.

I noted that Eudora is taking this route, and that put the idea in my head.

I've been a Palm user for years now, begining with a Handspring (remember when...) and I'm not yet ready to face daily life without fitaly, so if there's any merit to this idea, I'll be glad to help further it.

Regards to all,

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