Re: FitalyVirtual on the Palm TX -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by fmorrone , 07/29/2006, 22:00:17 Reply Top Forum

This is splendid news about Fitaly working on the T|X. The discontinuance of Fitaly for the Palm left me with a very heavy heart. I do understand the business decision and the horrendous complexities of continually reengineering Fitaly to work on new Palm devices. I can only say that as a professional writer who needs to write on his mobile device constantly, not least while riding the New York City subway, FitalyStamp and FitalyVirtual have been godsends for me. I cannot write in longhand on the subway, and I hate Graffiti. Fitaly has rescued me, allowing me to write on my Palm with nearly the speed that I can type. I know the day will come when Fitaly + Palm will simply work no longer. But with the T|X tweak, I feel I have a new lease on life--for a while, at least. Fitaly is in my top five of the most genuinely useful pieces of software of all time. Again, this is splendid news.

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