Limited function on my T|X

Posted by DavidA , 07/22/2006, 15:33:02 Reply   Forum

Last night, I installed my third version of fitaly on my 6th Palm device, a T|X. The installation was pretty much a nightmare, and required a hard reset. Eventually, I found the helpful link to FitalySkinLoad, and got a reasonable installation -- sort of.
The fitaly keyboard scrolls up and down just like the old default keyboard, and the new skin looks beautiful.
Here's the hitch: I can't get the fitaly keyboard to read any of my keystrokes. That is to say, the digitizer behaves as if I had never installed fitaly (uses regular old, horrible Grafitti 2), but it displays the fitaly keyboard skin. Now the really weird part. If I tap on the tiny keyboard icon at the lower left corner of the fitaly skin, I get a skin of a regular typewriter keyboard, complete with upper case, lower case, and number versions. All of these work perfectly. I'm guessing that it's a coincidental mapping over the Palm keyboard tap area (good design, if that was intentional!) So now, instead of having fitaly installed, I am still stuck with the grafitti2 input, but I am shown a reminder of the fitaly keyboard I grew to know and love over the last few years.!? I'd be happy with anything now -- either a working fitaly keyboard, or a completely clean input system that's the default. I will be wildly grateful to whomever can give me either of these.

Thank you!


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