WristPDA, Tungsten C, etc

Re: At least three people... -- Robert Carnegie
Posted by Alan Jay Weiner , 06/25/2006, 20:01:15 Reply Top Forum

I wish the WristPDA had made it sales-wise; I thought it was a really neat device (even though I wanted it to be color) and I *almost* bought one. As far as I know it's not being made any more though - in any case it's a *really* tiny (pun intended :) market...

Tungsten C and Treo etc devices require more than just skinning - right now the main keyboard can't be popped up on-screen. That's pretty easy to fix, but then there's the problem of positioning. And the extra "green" keys. And a few other issues that I don't remember off-hand. So it's not a "knock it out in a weekend" but it's not half-a-year's development either.

- Al -

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