At least three people...

Re: Market? -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Robert Carnegie , 06/22/2006, 17:23:45 Reply Top Forum

At least three people here will offer modest amounts of money for a genuine Fitaly that works on the WristPDA, please... are we missing something? (Continued support and development, within limits.)

Most of us understand that the size of the PalmOS market and the difficulty in supporting a series of different devices requiring alterations to the program every time, are the basis of Textware no longer leaping to support every new Palm device with another tuned-up Fitaly. And particularly the WristPDA, which is -absolutely- for enthusiasts.

If you -were- going to do -that-, I think it also would be a huge benefit to sacrifice some keys for a larger letter layout - the thing really is 2.5cm x 2.5cm. And I swore I'd never learn Grafitti 2 - well, no I didn't, I just guessed I probably wouldn't. Anyway, my next wrist-computer will definitely have a larger screen... if you recall, I wore a Palm Zire... that's for enthusiasts too ;-)

As for the Tungsten C - is this one actually going to be difficult? Or "just" a skinning job? The main problem with WristPDA is that you launch Fitaly from the Grafitti area and WristPDA doesn't -have- a Grafitti area. The other is that when you get around that, the giveaway Fitaly crashes at once. I presume the other fellows kept trying, although I haven't, yet.

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