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Re: FITALY on Tungsten C -- R Potts
Posted by Alan Jay Weiner , 06/19/2006, 14:57:28 Reply Top Forum

As Jean mentioned, I'm evaluating adding on-screen capabilities to Fitaly (for the main keyboard; the one that's usually in the Graffiti area).

I've been away for quite a while due to illness, so it's taking me a bit to get back into the sources - and I've a family vacation coming up (which normally is "get things done" time for me, but I think this year the family isn't going to let me "vacation" that way...)
(anyone remember "The Trouble with Tribbles" Star Trek episode - and how Scotty wanted to "relax" reading technical manuals in his cabin? :)

I'll post more as soon as I have something - I need some time to determine what needs to be changed and what additional features will be needed. (suggestions and comments are welcome! And, yes - I'm planning to make it Treo-compatible too!)

So... uh... "watch this space..." :)

- Al Weiner -

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