Fitaly Stamp shifted

Posted by johnmacey , 06/05/2006, 14:13:25 Reply   Forum

On March 22 I bought a new Zire 72s [open box] from an eBay store,and have used it sparingly, with Fitaly Stamp [v.3] installed. I bought an extended warrenty from Palm.
I have had no problems. I have not dropped the Zire. The screen is not broken. Whenever I take it away it is in the Palmone case. Usually it stays on my desk at home, not exposed to heat or cold.
Today, while looking up a phone number, the Stamp became inaccurate. To tap the "Home" yielded the "Calculator".
More preceisely: tap "c" yields "a"; tap "v" yields "t", etc. As if the Stamp had been moved diagionally up and left.
I did a Hard Reset and the problem remains. The upper part of the screen seems to be unaffected.
Does anybody know what I should do?

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