My Mac-TX working with T3fitalySkin (though key 'pressing' gone!)

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Posted by markoturner , 01/15/2006, 20:24:14 Reply Top Forum


You should be able to get the T3 skins to work, eventually.

Re-download the file if you need to, cos they work.

however, I suspect your TX has just had a hissy fit during install, as mine did...

See my notes on previous entry..

(But) Needless to say, the keyboard refused to display during the first abortive attempts at installation, which is where I fear you stand stuck at the moment...

After stripping the TX of all fitaly files, getting Myskin to install and work, I then installed (i.e. dropped on the hotsynch icon) only those three files specified in the 'workaround' notes within this discussion group. That is, three files: the T3fitalyskin file you mentioned plus the fitaly and fitaly intall files (I'm at work so can't tell you the exact names)


I still have a mild problemo with my T3 skin...

It took a while to realise, but my fitaly keys do not flash/indicate when pressed on the main area. The floating numeric pad presses fine, though(??)

I could try reinstalling everything but I'm just so damn relieved to get it going I fear I could go back to the horrid Palm interfaces (or worse, no input region whatsoever!!)

Good luck, let me know how you go (and whether you get flashing keys in the end??)


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