TX giving bad FX and no fitaly

Re: Workaround -- wasatch
Posted by markoturner , 01/08/2006, 17:33:33 Reply Top Forum

after finding your discussions about getting fitaly to run on the TX I bought one this weekend...

Not a bad thing, but at least it works better with my Mac than PocketMac

Then I tried to follow the install instructions..
I couldn't see how I was supposed to copy said files over and since the install was on the memory card I assumed this must be it

I could open the info screen of fitaly but nothing more!

Worse, the attempted installation destroyed my keybaord entry area!!

I've had to do a hard reset to get my input region back!

Please, any suggestions about how I can get fitaly working on my TX?

Also, was your workaround on a PC or mac? if it was on the former, how do I emulate on a mac?


Marko Turner

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