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Re: Pity, but thanks -- Glenn
Posted by Bruce Williamson , 11/11/2005, 09:58:36 Reply Top Forum

Amen to what you said, Glenn. I have a new E2 that has Fitaly on it, and had considered a T/X. Without Fitaly I would not be using a Palm device, but I understand Jean's decision to pull the rug on Palm. As the inventor and designer he only has so much time and energy available nfor development. But the vehemence with which he discusses his decision makes it sound at times like more like a fit of pique. Why go out of your way to disenfranchise many of your satisfied customers? It is NOT our responsibility to change Palm's ways. How could we? Start some kind of class action lawsuit?

I have been one of Fitaly's most enthusiastic supporters over the years and applaud the brilliance of its design. What saddens me most deeply about his decision is that it means he has pulled the rug out from under all future Mac users, as I do not know of any way to integrate Mac OS X and a Pocket PC device. Perhaps I am wrong on this.

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