This workaround works!

Re: Getting Palm TX to work using mySkin -- orion
Posted by Mitsu , 11/04/2005, 01:47:50 Reply Top Forum

I just tried this and it works fine, though for people who haven't used mySkin before, it might be a bit confusing (as it was for me).

Download and unzip the FitalyVirtual application for T3.

Install FitalyVirtualT3.prc and FVSetupT3.prc.

mySkin is a shareware application for Palm. You can find it, for example, here:

Look for the tiny "Download trial:" link (where it says ".zip"), download and install mySkin.prc and HotSync.

Double-click on FixUpT3Skin.exe in the mySkin folder, and use it to open/modify the T3FitalySkin2.prc file in the FitalyVirtual folder.

HotSync the T3FitalySkin2.prc file.

On the Palm, run mySkin. Select T3FitalySkin2. Select the menu item "Merge->Fitaly components". Then "Load".

Run the Prefs application, select Input, choose Wide.

Run FitalyVirtual, select "Enable Fitaly Virtual".

This worked for me.

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