Palm OS isn't Palm anymore

Re: Textware Terminating All Palm OS Developments -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by bpcairns , 10/24/2005, 04:57:07 Reply Top Forum

Is it not possible that the new owners of Palm OS will be better at updates than Palm was ?

Would you not at least consider looking at any new Palm OS devices that appear, assuming of course that there ever are any more in the west.

Since future versions of Palm OS may well be based on Linux, perhaps development will be easier and more consistent across versions.

I must echo the views of other Palm users. My blood runs cold at the thought of having to use the kludgy monstrosity that is pocket Windows, or whatever MS are calling it this week. Only two weeks ago I gave my boss a treo 650 and he won't give it back. This was a guy who was worried it wouldn't be "standard" enough.

Palm OS was designed from the outset for mobile use. Windows is a desktop OS kludged onto a mobile platform. Anyone who's tried both knows which is superior and it ain't a subtle difference. Granted Palm has taken its eye off the ball, if indeed it ever had it on.

I don't really blame you for your decision. I understand how frustrating and expensive it must be for you to continue supporting Palm OS but as a user it leaves me worried and depressed about the future. When my T5 won't work anymore I'm essetially without options for a replacement. Hopefully that won't be for many years yet and perhaps Palm OS will have risen from the ashes by then with the help of the Chinese who now own it.

I would urge you, on behalf of all of us who loathe pocket Windows to at least look at any future incarnation of PalmOS in case it is "fixed".

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