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Re: new Palm T/X -- pdradley
Posted by nevai , 10/19/2005, 20:37:47 Reply Top Forum

I have not tried my stuff [pedit & pToolSet] on the TX yet since Palm screwed up their developer discount system and I was unable to order a TX. I won't be surprised if I will be forced to do a bunch of changes.

As opposed to Jean Ichbiah, I am an amateur programmer. I am known to work as hard as possible to squeeze out as much from the Palm OS as possible. Unfortunately, ever since OS 5 was introduced, my job has been harder and harder for 2 simple reason.

First, Palm seems to have no vision [both hardwarewise and softwarewise]. Second, Palm seems to have no quality control [again, both hardwarewise and softwarewise].

As an example, I mention two things. The 5-way key and the DIA. Both are disasters.
In fact, as far as I know, there is not a single Palm application which has no DIA related bugs.
Some of these bugs are due to the carelessness of the developers, but most are due simply to the incredibly low quality implementation of the DIA by Palm. One Palm developer recently bragged that he found DIA programming easy and that I was wrong about my criticism. Well, I quickly found major DIA bugs in one of his applications.

Over the years I have duly reported all the bugs I found in the Palm OS but it seems that most of my reports were ignored.

I know how hard Jean and his company worked on their various Palm OS extensions [aka hacks] and, as a Palm developer, I can assure you that Jean is 100% accurate when describing his reasons why he decided to quit developing for the Palm OS.

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