Wow won't have guessed it doesn't work.....

Re: Getting Palm TX to work using mySkin -- orion
Posted by rpankratz , 10/19/2005, 08:34:52 Reply Top Forum

Wow was that a shock to see that the TX isn't working with FITALY. But I should not be surprise. I purchased SkinDia ages ago and since I migrate from a T5 with a merged "colbat" like skin; I did not even notice the problem or think twice about it.

I support Jean's Decision though, he can not keep wasting time on this stuff.

I suppose we can make this a little easier for the less technical and zip up a premerged skin that works so that people that want a TX and FITALY can have it easily. And the TX can be sudo supported.

I think the TX will be my last device for quite a while they finally got it right, not much else could tempt me; I have done the PPC thing and it does not meet my needs. Sad that 3 years later and I'm back to what I had with a TH55/E with the sole addition being NVFS.

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