Getting Palm TX to work using mySkin

Posted by orion , 10/17/2005, 22:40:19 Reply   Forum

While I also experienced the initial resets when I tried to install the T5 version of Fitaly, and almost took the TX back to the store as a result, it appears that there is a work around.

  • Install FitalyVirtualT3.prc and FVSetupT3.prc

  • Install mySkin (formerly SkinT3 and SkinDIA)

  • Load any of the Fitaly skins into /Palm/Programs/mySkin/ on your card. I'm using the T3 skin, but both the T5 and LD skins seem to load acceptably, though I've not tested typing with them.

  • Let mySkin "Merge Fitaly Components" into the default skin.

  • Go to FitalyVirtualT3, and "Enable FitalyVirtual"

And you're good to go -- or at least, on my TX, I'm good to go.

Looks like it's time to register mySkin, at long last!

Thank you to everybody that's worked on both these pieces of software in the past, and best of luck in the future.

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