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Re: new Palm T/X -- pdradley
Posted by Mérbil González-Díaz ® , 10/17/2005, 20:23:30 Reply Top Forum

I've been using Fitaly for many years over 4 different Palm models. Most of these Palm units have required some kind of hardware repair due to Palm's poor manufacturing quality. At least 2 units have had digitizers that gradually lose their accuracy. I've had to pay money in order for Palm to fix their defective products. I've also seen the Fitaly programmer's work around the new problems that arise from each updated model. How are they supposed to generate a revenue if Palm's OS is a moving target? I certainly wouldn't waste my time.

At this point I am the owner of a Treo 650. Unfortunately I bought it prior to the availability of the PocketPC version. Most of the software that I bought for it has been to fix the numerous bugs that frequently crash the unit. I certainly wish the unit didn't have a keyboard so that Fitaly would be a reasonable option, but at this point I'm waiting for a future PocketPC alternative that syncronizes with the Mac so that I can go back to using Fitaly instead of the tiny keyboard that is too small for my thumbs.

Over the last few years I have lost faith in the Palm OS and find no option other than a move to PocketPC.

With the new Treo featuring PocketPC it seems not even Palm has faith in itself.


Merbil Gonzalez, MD

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