Mobi-Systems Office Suite and Fitaly

Posted by Blog Jones , 10/10/2005, 20:18:43 Reply   Forum

I'm attempting to use FitalyStamp with Mobi-Systems Office Suite ( on my Clie TJ-37. I'm running into a compatibility issue in their Docs program, which is their editor for MS Word files, rich text files, and text files.

When I first open Docs, Fitaly works fine. But once I delete anything, whether by using the backspace "key" or by highlighting an area and tapping on the keyboard, Fitaly quits working and it reverts to Graffiti2. When I exit the program and come back into it, Fitaly works again (until I delete something).

It also turns off Fitaly if I tap on the menu key.

This problem does not surface in Mobi-Systems Office Suite's versions of Excel and PowerPoint, just in Docs, their version of Word.

It's very frustrating. Is there any way to fix it? I'm running the latest versions of both Fitaly (version 3, 2004-07-20) and the Office Suite (7.10). I'd appreciate any help.

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