Re: Uninstalling Fitaly -- Small Brain
Posted by Alan Jay Weiner , 09/14/2005, 15:52:45 Reply Top Forum

No worries - the ROM is fine. The skin (Fitaly overlay) in RAM overrides the skin in ROM. (that's how other skins work too)

The difficulty is that the skin in RAM is "in use" - that's why it can't be deleted; you can't delete a file while it's in use.

You'll need to re-install the FVSetup.prc program, run it, and go to the "Skin Setup" panel and click the "Uninstall Fitaly Skin" button.

Then you can delete FVSetup and the skin - the skin file is named "Status Bar Resources".

I'm not sure what the reinstall problem was - probably Fitaly was still running (was that the program that wouldn't delete? probably; makes sense to me...)
You need to disable Fitaly before uninstalling it (because it can't be deleted if it's in use) and the installer won't overwrite it if it's in use either.

- Al -

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