Uninstalling Fitaly

Posted by Small Brain , 09/03/2005, 07:25:58 Reply   Forum

I recently downloaded and installed the Fitaly for LifeDrive. When the demo timed out, I wanted to uninstall it, reinstall the demo and then register the program. The website had said to uninstall before installing the demo a second time. To uninstall, I just deleted all of the programs listed which had Fitaly in their names, except one program would not delete. I think it was the FitalyVirtual program. So,I went back through the installation procedure again and hotsynched. I got a message that the Fitaly installation would not initialize or something along those lines. Again, I deleted all programs with references to Fitaly and hotsynched. This time, I can't find any of the Fitaly icons on the system, but the Fitaly overlay is there still and I can't find a way to make it go away. Something seems to be changed permanently in my ROM.

I'd like to register the program because I found it to be vastly superior to the Grafitti, especially the Grafitti II. However, I am somewhat concerned about not being able to completely remove the program from my system should I decide to do so. Also, I think it may be so messed up now that I won't be able to re-install and get it to work. Can someone give me direction on how to completely remove Fitaly and get the overlay to go away so that I have my original Grafitti area back? Thank you in advance.

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