Changed in the new FitalyVirtual version

Re: FitalyVirtual for the Tungsten T3/T5 and the LifeDrive -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 08/02/2005, 21:25:11 Reply Top Forum

In addition to providing a solution for the LifeDrive, the new FitalyVirtual version fixes a number of problems:
  • The Fitaly calculator icon now launches the calculator on the T5 and the LifeDrive.
  • The update fixes the Fitaly disabling on the LifeDrive, when launching some applications
  • The position of the letter (s-z ligature) on the Umlaut panel has been corrected. It is a the place of the letter s.
  • The new version removes an unstability that could occur on the T5 and the LifeDrive after repeated taps on the time icon of the status bar.

As stated in the announcement, this version no longer requires the use of SkinDIA and it takes advantage of some technology licensed from Alexander Pruss, the author of SkinDiA.

Jean Ichbiah and Alan Weiner

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