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Re: the SKIN cause HotSync to fail!?!?!?!? -- Alan Jay Weiner
Posted by mclaren , 07/02/2005, 19:20:28 Reply Top Forum

OK, a little more data for you...

I fired up Filez. The situation as I found it with StatusBarResources was: backup flag set, modifed date was after the backup date. This situation is known to crash, since the skin was installed, so I didn't even bother to test it.

I fiddled with dates and backup flags on StatusBarResources, with the following results:

- With backup flag *clear* and modified date before backup date, all is well; hotsync works fine, even with the skin still installed.
- With backup flag *set* and modified date before backup date and skin installed, hotsync hangs at "Synchronizing psysLaunchDB" as before.

Now, I know if I uninstall the FitalyVirtual skin, HotSync works fine. If I do this and check StatusBarResources, it now has creator ID "Ftly" and the backup flag is clear. However, this time when I re-install the skin, the backup flag is still clear, and HotSync keeps working.

The message seems to be that whenever the backup flag is set on StatusBarResources, HotSync will hang. Is the backup flag supposed to be set on that file? When the skin is first installed, is that backup flag set? Somehow it got set on my T5 and that appears to be what caused the problem.

You can disable the Fitaly skin by changing the creator ID. (I usually change it to 'sBaR') Then reset and you'll see the original skin. I'll bet you can HotSync again then because the Fitaly skin won't be in use anymore.

I didn't try this -- I can just uninstall the skin with FVSetup, which does the same thing (sets the creator ID to Ftly), and HotSync works fine in this situation. Note that a second StatusBarResources is not created in this situation.

Dunno why this all happens after I installed WiFi drivers, but maybe the WiFi installation did something silly like set the backup bit on a bunch of system resources. If so, that could have been what started the whole mess.

Over to you. I narrowed it down to one bit. Is that good enough? :-) Meanwhile I'm happily hotsyncing again with the FitalyVirtual skin installed, as long as that backup bit stays cleared.


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