the SKIN cause HotSync to fail!?!?!?!?

Re: T5FitalySkin hangs HotSync when WiFi is installed -- mclaren
Posted by Alan Jay Weiner , 07/02/2005, 18:09:49 Reply Top Forum

oh, boy! These are the things that drive me bonkers... how the heck can the *skin* mess up HotSync?!?!?!

Ok... (glad you're an embedded engineer! - me too...)

The only thing I can think of that could mess this up is if HotSync were trying to back up the skin database itself but it can't because -uh- of some reason... (probably because it's open, locked down, and who knows what else - that's actually done by the system at reset time)

So, going on that assumption...

Do you have Filez? (or some equivalent - file browser that allows you to set/clear various attributes, timestamps, etc)
If not, get ahold of a copy...

Some thoughts and ideas...

I tried to duplicate the "can't HotSync" case on my T3; no problems as far as I can see. I'm using BackupBuddy; that may change things too though.

I'm wondering why the WiFi drivers affect things - perhaps they attach some new resources (bitmaps perhaps?) to the skin.

You could try setting the attributes on the skin (StatusBarResources, creator ID 'sBar', type 'rsrc') so that it doesn't need to be backed up; set the backup date more recent than the modified date, clear "backup" attribute bit.

You can disable the Fitaly skin by changing the creator ID. (I usually change it to 'sBaR') Then reset and you'll see the original skin. I'll bet you can HotSync again then because the Fitaly skin won't be in use anymore.
Doing that may create another StatusBarResources sBar/rsrc database; I'm predicting the WiFi driver does that to add resources. (ok, "guessing" would be a more accurate term... :)
If it does, then you'll have to change the creator ID of that one before changing the Fitaly one back to 'sBar'. (do both changes then reset again)

This may get you to a state where you can HotSync with WiFi and Fitaly and Fitaly's skin all installed. If you do, could you please send me a copy of the skin? I'd like to see what's different, if anything.

If I think of any other ideas I'll post them later.

Please let me know if you determine any more details.

- Al -

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