T5FitalySkin hangs HotSync when WiFi is installed

Posted by mclaren , 07/01/2005, 17:11:03 Reply   Forum

I've hit a boundary condition where HotSync will hang on a T5 when the Fitaly skin is installed. I can reproduce this on demand on my T5. I have the 1.1 firmware upgrade, I have WiFi drivers installed, and my Palm Desktop is running on Windows XP Pro with all current patches. I think WiFi is the critical factor; it only seemed to start happening after I installed WiFi.

If I install FitalyVirtual and start a HotSync, HotSync will hang every time, either at "Synchronizing psysLaunchDB" or "Synchronizing Graffiti Shortcuts", depending on the exact conditions. It takes a soft reset of the PDA to clear the fault on that end, and since HotSync on the desktop also hangs, I have to kill the Palm Desktop processes. A quick logout/login does this. (Selecting Cancel on either or both ends does nothing.)

Here are the variations on the theme:
- FitalyVirtual enabled, skin installed: hangs at "Synchronizing psysLaunchDB".
- FitalyVirtual enabled, skin installed, virtual graffiti area showing something other than the Fitaly keyboard template: hangs at "Synchronizing Graffiti Shortcuts".
- FitalyVirtual disabled, skin installed: hangs at "Synchronizing Graffiti Shortcuts".
- FitalyVirtual disabled, skin uninstalled: HotSync OK.
- FitalyVirtual enabled, skin uninstalled: HotSync OK.

These cases are true whether I use the original FitalyVirtualT3 version, or your 2005-6-17 update with the very nice blue skin.

I'm a new user who had only been using Fitaly for a few days and things were going great. Then I realized that I had not re-installed my WiFi drivers since I did the 1.1 firmware upgrade a few weeks ago. As soon as I installed the Palm WiFi drivers, HotSync started hanging. I have not removed the WiFi drivers; I think that takes a hard reset.

As a workaround, I've found that if I uninstall the Fitaly skin before HotSync, HotSync works fine. Then I can re-install the skin and carry on.

I hope this is an easy one to find and fix, but I'm an embedded software engineer, so I know better. :-) Since Palm is selling T5s with a bundled WiFi card, this might become an issue for more people than just me.


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