FitalyVirtual on the LifeDrive -- Thanks to Alexander Pruss

Posted by Jean Ichbiah , 06/15/2005, 16:23:29 Reply   Forum

I am pleased to report that you can now run FitalyVirtual on the LifeDrive using SkinDIA 1.41.

The way it works is as follows:

(1) Install the FitalyVirtual T3 files, including T3FitalySin2.prc
but WITHOUT the special DIA files (AppSlipRotate and StatusBarLib)

(2) Install SkinDIA

(3) Open the Merge menu of SkinDIA and select FItaly Components

That's it. Do NOT install the skin again from FVSetup.

Many thanks to Alexander Pruss for developing this solution. While we will have another solution later on, in the mean time I am sure that all those of you who like to encourage innovation will want to register SkinDIA, a program that you will find useful for more than just Fitaly -- see the link below.

Jean Ichbiah

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