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Posted by Robert Carnegie , 08/09/2006, 10:53:04 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

You may appreciate SoundPilot, shareware, which speaks while you type - if you download an additional voice scheme. This means that if you do what I seem to do with Fitaly - look for the next letter at each tap, so that you don't really see whether you hit the right one or not - then you get an audible indication that you miskeyed, and you can more easily and quickly make a correction. It speeded me up.

There's a built-in Windows Narrator which you've probably got there, but it tries to read all the windows as well - I couldn't get it to shut up. Generally, software in the disability area is rather expensive - Narrator is an if-you-like-this-then-buy-a-proper-one accessibility program - so you can save a lot by finding a product for a different purpose and adapting it.

Of course you also may not want your handheld computer to speak out what you type, unless you use an ear-set.

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