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Re: Fitaly works GREAT on Sony's new MicroPC, BUT [feature request, etc] -- JadeShadow
Posted by Robert Carnegie , 08/07/2006, 15:17:52 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

Hi, just a fellow user... I calculate that large Fitaly on your UX Micro PC is the same actual size as small Fitaly on my Tablet PC (8 inches, 1024 x 768). Ouch! I can see demand for a larger version - some of us used a small-only beta release gratefully but it was very good when a larger size became available. And on a touchscreen... certainly you need to use a stylus, and to be careful to get the screen calibration right.

Evidently, making Fitaly in a new size is not so simple after all - or we'd have more options, I think.

I have even attempted to use other software to reproduce Fitaly, before the current release, but it's painful to give up slides (some programs can take "right" or "middle" clicks for a single secondary key action), and none of the alternatives I've tried work reliably at Fitaly writing speed - the real thing is best by far after all!

And I looked for screen magnification software to allow taps and strokes through the magnified image to the application, but alas, I couldn't find that, either! Oh, well! Perhaps there's something new!

Some of us have been using other software to control the placement of Fitaly, often with the free scripting and shortcut tool AutoHotkey. It may not be easy to get to know it, but once you do know, it can be easy to produce simple effects - so what would you like? I personally use a script that holds Fitaly on the taskbar on the lower part of my screen; JudH wrote a script "FitaTrak" to make Fitaly follow the Tablet PC input panel popup icon - which you don't have - and I had another prototype that jumps to next to the text cursor. Another approach that could work is to define a stroke or even a key that can be intercepted by Autohotkey's key recognition routine to start a program that says "Wait for the user to tap the screen again, and move Fitaly to there." Or perhaps define all the slides from a single key to do that, but to move Fitaly to wherever you stopped sliding - then you don't need an extra tap. Maybe the Enter or Tab keys would be good for this use.

But I can't see many of the older forum postings which discussed scripting. We seem to have been spring-cleaned. Well, try here: (FitaFlea) (FitaTrak)

One other possibility, I think this should work, if you have a networked Windows Mobile device with Fitaly... get a version of remote control software called VNC, for both devices - or some other partial equivalents that are around - and then you can use your WM5 to type into your Micro PC!

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