Ways of using Fitaly4 for tablet pcs

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Hi all,

This is an excerpt of a post that I just put up at tabletpcbuzz.com. I'm hoping to initiate some discussion of ways that others are using Fitaly4. Here are a couple of the things that I do.

I have a slide/stroke on one letter that will input a whole project form, ready to be filled in, and another form for meeting notes.

Text substitution is one of the simplest ways to use slides. I've tried to use some consistent rules for myself in setting these slides up so that I have less to memorize. For instance, I use south slides on some letters to substitute names that I use frequently. the letter being the first letter in the persons' name. So, with a short slide on "p" I get Pat, slide on "s" for Sam, etc. West slides are often endings such as "ing", "ight", "ought", "ment", etc. I've given frequently needed url terms their own letters too: for instance, a south slide of "k" yields ".com + " so that the slide not only adds ".com" but also goes on to open the site for me.

I also input commands using slides. I have the Esc key set with a north slide so that it toggles Alt+Tab; this allows me to switch between open programs as quickly as I could with a regular keyboard shortcut. I have my "Caps" key set with slides that perform copy, cut, paste or print.

Here's a scenario that I just used. I have the Fitaly keyboard set to be fairly small and I leave it open all the time. I was browsing and saw something I wanted to put in a OneNote Side Note. (OneNote was not open.) I highlighted the text and did a south slide on the "123" key (which does a "copy" and opens OneNote on a new sidenote) and slid east on the "Caps" key, which pasted the text. All of this took about 3.5 seconds. The same operation using the stylus, with right click for copy and paste, opening OneNote with a tap, took 11 seconds. A question: I actually set the slide up like this "cC:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\ONENOTEM.EXE;v" but it only gets to the opening a onenote side note -- it doesn't do the paste for me. Any idea what I've done wrong?

So, these are just a few of the things that I've set up so far. Anyone else have neat ideas to share?


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