Fitaly works GREAT on Sony's new MicroPC, BUT [feature request, etc]

Re: Fitaly for TabletPC... -- JadeShadow
Posted by JadeShadow , 08/06/2006, 11:56:57 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

just to attest that Fitaly for TabletPC works perfect on Sony's latest wonder, the Vaio UX-series!!

anyway, though it is much much perfect; i hope you'd allow me a couple of questions/some feature request:

1. does the size of the keyboard scale to the resolution of the screen? im already using the "large keyboard" (on a trial version) on the Sony Vaio (which is at 1024x600), and the Fitaly on my WM5 handheld is much bigger and "easier" to work with, ie., bigger keys.
2. in regards to (1) - resizable keyboards? or something that scales?
3. (feature request) - with such a small screen estate as the Vaio, it becomes necessary to move the keyboard all around, unfortunately, Fitaly's menubar is too small in height that i have difficult getting an exact "fix," to drag the keyboard around - ending up with doing drags on the first row keys (c, h, w, k). can it be made bigger/taller?


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