Left hand feature REALLY NEEDED

Re: Announcing Fitaly 4 for the Tablet PC -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Walter Killeen , 07/05/2006, 21:31:28 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

PLEASE, for all us left-handed people: give us an option as to where the hint list falls. It is currently centered over the letter you are dragging from. If I could make the list left justfied, I would be able to read the list that comes up!! It has to do with the fact that the pen is held above and to the left when we lefties write.
I suggest that the feature allow center, left, and right justify positioning of the list. This feature belongs in both the palmtop as well as Tablet version. I am already a registered palmtop user and fully intend to register the tablet version.
GREAT PRODUCT. I show it off all the time!

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