Excellent product and slide suggestions

Posted by kistonewa , 07/01/2006, 08:02:22 Post Reply   Forum

Thank you for an official release of Fitaly for the TAbletPC. I haven't had time to fully evaluate it, but so far it seems better than the last of the several Betas I have had. The "uppercase" and "launch", etc. are a nice addition. I have had it lock up once on me already which I never had happen with the Betas, but it may have been the way I was experimenting with the Slide Editor.

I would like to suggest consideration of adding as the first slide in one direction a letter then a backspace. As delivered, it appears that if you start a slide, you have to enter some text when you lift the stylus. If the slide you are going to make resides in one's memory instead of Fitaly, then there appears to be no way to avoid entering at least 1 letter and manually backspacing over it. I hadn't noticed this previously, but you have added a number of words in your default custom slide file now.

Thanks for leaving the CustomSlides.txt where the user can edit it directly. The slide editor is a nice touch, but some things can be done much quicker editing in notepad. Have you considered allowing the use of <ctrl> or <shift> in the editor to highlight multiple slides to delete at once? As it is, I can edit the text file;therefore, this isn't a big issue.

Will FitalyLetris for the TabletPC be out shortly?

Will there be discounts for multiple copies in the future? I had in mind 3 to 10 at a time.

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