Announcing Fitaly 4 for the Tablet PC

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We are pleased to introduce version 4 of Fitaly for Windows. This Tablet PC version can be downloaded at


It has been long journey from the initial Fitaly for Windows to this one, and we are thankful for all the suggestions we received from our Fitaly users while they were using it on Palm organizers, Pocket PCs, and pencomputers or Tablet PCs.

Fitaly is recognized as the most efficient keyboard layout and this has been demonstrated in several speed contests.

In earlier vintages of Fitaly, together with Jacques Turbé, we invented the concept of sliding and perfected it. Our dilemma was to be able to enter more than 255 different letters with a matrix of just 30 keys (6x5).

The optimized Fitaly layout lets you tap very fast and accurately as the Fitaly rationale explains.

The slides are another fast way of simplifying text entry of letters and symbols that are not on the main panel, as well as upper case letters and numbers. As you will see, Fitaly 4 is all about powerful macro expansions, triggered by slides and it is amazing what you can do with them. You can now define slides for all keys. You can even define several slides for the same key and the same direction. The new Slide Editor lets you customize your slides by letters, special keys, or by directions. With a slide in one direction a preview window can give you several suggestions of words, symbols, addresses, signatures, and more.

Macro capabilities: A very important feature of Fitaly 4 is to allow slides to do more than just text. You can copy and paste with a slide. Expansions can also include keys that are not on the keyboard itself. For example, you can use the Alt key or the Function keys with a slide. You can also add the date, time, and change options just by sliding on a key of your choice.

With a simple slide on any of the Fitaly keys you can:

1. expand any key, letters and special keys, to whatever you want it to be with a preview of your customized definitions
2. change an option in the Fitaly menu like changing the size of the keyboard from medium to large or changing to digits direct
3. change to one of the other panels of the keyboard like the accent or the number panel
4. use metakeys to execute functions like launching a photo, opening a document, typing today's date, editing documents ...

You can customize your keyboard to what you need it to do and be faster than ever.

This Windows version of Fitaly is in color and handles alternate screen sizes. The medium size is likely to be adopted by many Fitaly users.

Fitaly 4 sells for $59 with an introductory price of $49 until December 31, 2006. Upgrades from Fitaly for Windows to version 1 to the Tablet PC version 4 cost $34. Upgrades from any other Fitaly cost $39 with an introductory price of $29 until December 31, 2006.

We offer free upgrades to Windows Fitaly users who purchased version 1 of Fitaly for Windows between 2003 - 2006.

We will be happy to see your comments on our "Fitaly Test Forum - Tablet PC" which we hope to rename soon.

Jean, Marianne and Emmanuel Ichbiah

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