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Posted by Robert Carnegie , 06/07/2006, 22:08:32 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

I had to "view source" to see that you are referring to < control > and ;-)

I haven't done much Fitaly slide-setting with those. Maybe now I will do and will get into trouble ;-) And for macro automation in Windows I mostly use AutoHotkey.

You could try using software that assists with the modifier keys.
"Miniscroller" - which I was all over - at
shows what it thinks the keys are doing. Fitaly's Alt doesn't show up there, though. Maybe Fitaly saves up Alt for when you press another key - come to think, it used to do that with all the modifiers, but having Ctrl and Shift affect other applications when you press them on their own - modifying pen actions for instance - is... well, I was all over that, too. Selecting multiple files, drag-and-drop copy text instead of move... mostly those ;-) So yes, that's probably what happens with Alt.

Anyway, the Tablet Input Panel keyboard seems also to follow the state of other input device's control and shift keys, including Fitaly, but we want to use Fitaly /instead/ of TIP! ;-)

If there is a bug then I expect our friends at Textware would like to hear about it. (Oh... is the bug of key on pen-down/pen-up on the spaces, corrected in the new beta or final version which I'm sure will be available before the current one ends at the end of the month?) Or perhaps you could set Fitaly to send a different keystroke that your macro program recognises as a macro activation key, and presses Control or Alt for you instead of Fitaly pressing it, if you think Fitaly may be interacting unsuccessfully with something else.

We can't program key taps as well as slides inside Fitaly, which I think may be a missed opportunity - some users who don't want a novel onscreen keyboard could be interested in a programmable onscreen games controller. And all the slides could be game moves!

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