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Re: FitalyLetris -- Jean Ichbiah
Posted by Robert Carnegie ® , 06/07/2006, 13:38:12 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

Is there a FitalyLetris on Windows - oh wait, he's talking about his Clié now. That should work.

I described the exercises I worked up, at
I still haven't identified a suitable (free?) audio training program to use them in, but you could just record your own voice on Tablet.

It turns out that a north-ish slide stroke defined on "< control >" as the originating key can switch on Ctrl and Shift and leave them on for the next key - most of my north/northeast/east slides are identical. (Of course the direction shouldn't matter.) So I think Caps can stay where it is. I wonder if I should leave that one set.

Related link: One-finger exercises

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