move the shift key?

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Have you considered trading the places of the Shift key and the Caps key? Many macros use Ctrl-Shift combinations, and having them closure together would add to efficiency. Microsoft OneNote came with my Portege TabletPC, and I am beginning to use it some for note taking in the Emergency Dept. It has the usual Microsoft feature bloat, but it works well for combining text and freehand notes. It uses the Alt key in many of its keyboard shortcuts. If OneNote gets much market penetration for TabletPCs then having the alt key on the Fitaly board would be appealing. Using a portion of the outer edge of the space bar near the Ctrl key would be a logical location.

In my ED we use a template documentation program called TSystems. It currently has the largest market share for computerized physician documentation in the ED. The Owner (and creator) of the company urges physicians to use TabletPcs to do the documentation at bedside, and he is a strong believer in using the handwriting recognition for those parts of the documentation which don't lend themselves well to checkboxes. I know in our ED most physicians tend to take notes on paper in the patient's room then enter the information from a keyboard at a desktop in the main work area, and I think this is common at most TSystem sites. I think Fitaly with appropriate slides has the potential to be almost as fast as touch typing for the average physician, and this would allow more notes to be entered directly into the program at bedside. This would decrease the amount of double entry onto paper then keyboard.

One definite hurdle is the learning curve for Fitaly. After a number of hours of use with an eye to building speed, I find that I am still not fast enough to compare to my touchtyping. I am concerned that most physicians won't put up with the amount of time it takes to become fast with Fitaly. Most shifts are too busy learn it on the job. I am finding that using my Fitaly on my Sony Clie during nonproductive meetings is probably my best learning opportunity. Any suggestions on the best ways to pick up speed quickly and painlessly? I am excited about the potential for Fitaly in the ED, but figuring out how to reach anyone besides early adopters may be a significant challenge

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