Countdown to another beta expiry date

Posted by Robert Carnegie , 06/02/2006, 11:04:31 Post Reply   Forum

Fitaly 4 beta 8 on Tablet PC runs out in 29 days. I think it isn't too soon to mention that.

You know people are climbing Mount Everest with Tablet PCs, or exploring the headwaters of the Amazon - well, maybe not, but I'd take mine - and they're going to need their software updated before they go, so that it doesn't stop working when they want to demonstrate it to sherpas and headhunters. "You scratch shiny rock with stick and it make type letter? And you program macro function depending on distance you scratch? We give much coca leaf for good-good innovative technology! Work with shrinkwrap desktop software, not Pocket Excel dudu!" Emerging markets, guys. ;-)

(Really, I suppose today the headwaters of the Amazon have a visitor centre and Starbucks and a small Apple store, but I like the picture.)

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