Well done! (Catch...space...Fitaly bug?)

Re: AutoHotkey implementation for right click/slide. -- yehster
Posted by Robert Carnegie , 04/12/2006, 10:49:12 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

I wondered how to do that! Well done!

There is another catch which may be a bug in this release of Fitaly - but it's inconsistent - the space keys don't seem to respect "Produce keys at key up", and your script (how about "Fright" for a name?) appears to interact with "Produce on key down" by backspacing over the /previous/ character.

The fact I fiddled with buttons so that I could "right click" with the left button may have contributed to this!

Another catch is that "block input" appears not to prevent stylus movement (or non-movement?) of the pointer - it "snaps" back to the stylus location! So this doesn't help:

; north instead of south
Click, down
MouseMove, 0, -30, 0, R
Click, up

I'd say more, but I may have caused these problems myself - it /did/ seem to work with no problem at first, then I started losing the character before spaces... any other idea what could be going on??

So on that basis, again, well done you!

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