Fitaly works on Dell 11 Pro 7140, Win10Pro

Re: Will Fitaly run on a Windows 10 tablet? -- patrickwest
Posted by john_cm92627 , 03/19/2016, 19:22:34 Post Reply Top of Thread Forum

I use Fitaly on a Win10Pro Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 in desktop mode; processor is Core M5. I also used it on an a Dell Venue 8 (Win10Pro) with an Atom processor. Fitaly does not work in tablet mode but it works well in desktop mode in most applications. I use Fitaly for the desktop versions of OneNote, Word, Excel, Visual Studio, and other x32 and x64 apps; tablet mode office will not work. I can post screen captures if useful.

When I hold the tablet in portrait mode I use "finger size" docked to the bottom of the screen and it sizes right for finger entry. For landscape mode I typically use Fitaly in "large size" with the active stylus where I put the Fitaly in a lower corner and move it around when needed.

I have sometimes found that some Win10 apps in desktop require the native on screen keyboard but the console, Edge, and majority that I use work fine. It would be useful if Fitaly could be compiled as a keyboard selection like Dvorak-R, etc but it works well enough for my purposes as a separate app in desktop mode.

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