FITALY in Win8.1/Win10 tablet mode?

Posted by john_cm92627 , 02/09/2015, 21:22:36 Post Reply   Forum

Is there a way to use FITALY in the tablet mode of Win8.1? I use FITALY on my Win 8.1 tablet but I need to do this desktop mode. The desktop works fine for most applications but some applications go only to the tablet mode where I use the one handed Dvorak-Right. I much prefer FITALY over the Dvorak and would like to use FITALY in both tablet and desktop modes.

I fear from what I have read that Win10 will put the device into tablet mode automatically. If FITALY can be run in tablet mode then FITALY can again be used as the palm/phone screen input since Win10 will be the same OS across desktops, tablets and phones.

If there is not a current method to use FITALY as the screen input in tablet mode then can this be developed do that Win10 will have FITALY in phones which I do not expect the desktop mode to be available?

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